[Event] AIST Open laboatory / 産総研一般公開

Today we have a open laboratory event in AIST Tsukuba. Our group shows two demonstrations, electrochromic color switchable toy  and selective deodorants for foods. 

Many guest come to our booth! / 行列ができるほどの人気!


[Events]ACS meeting / ACSミーティング

Our member, Dr. Tohru Kawamoto, Dr. Durga Parajuli, and Dr. Akira Takahashi join the ACS (american chemical society) spring meeting in San Francisco. Dr. Parajuli and Dr. Takahashi have finished their presentation. Dr. Kawamoto now preparing for the talk in UC Berkeley after the ACS meeting.

川本GL、パラジュリ主任研究員、髙橋研究員はアメリカ化学会に参加しています。パラジュリ主任研究員と高橋研究員は無事発表が終わりました。いろいろな人と交流することができました。川本GLは学会後にカリフォルニア大学バークレー校(UC Berkeley)で話をさせていただく機会を頂きましたのでその準備中。

Evidence for our join / 総合受付の前で証拠写真^^;


[Press] Noxious gas sensor / 有害ガスセンサ

The English version of the release for noxious gas sensor has been updated. A related paper has also been published.
A related paper(Elsevier site) , Press release by AIST

関連論文(Elsevierのサイト) , 産総研プレスリリース(英語版,日本語版)

Behavior of color switching of our molecule with toxic gases with high selectivity
分子が有毒ガスと接触して色が変わる様子。 同様にフッ素を含む冷媒では色変化せず、誤報を避けられる


[News] Awarded in nano tech 2017! / ナノテク2017で受賞!

We won the Research Project Award (Life Nanotechnology Award) in the nano tech Awards 2017.
http://www.nanotechexpo.jp/main/award2017.html (in Japanese)


Awarded for "Odor removal system for livestock"


[Events] nano tech Japan 2017 / ナノテク展2017

It's follow up for nano tech Japan 2017.

Thailand Ambassador to Japan / タイ駐日大使に説明しています


[Events] nano tech Japan 2017 / ナノテク展2017

Now we are in nano tech Japan 2017. We exhibit NH3 adsorbent for agriculture application, especially for removal of livestock odor. Thailand ambassador to Japan visited our display!

Please come here!  http://www.nanotechexpo.jp/index.html




<<Related Release  (in Japanese)  / 関連プレス発表>>
青色顔料が高性能アンモニア吸着材であることを発見 (2016/05/10) 概要 詳細(産総研HP) 

<<Related Paper / 関連論文>>
42.Historical pigment exhibiting ammonia capture beyond standard adsorbents with adsorption sites of two kinds,
Takahashi,Akira: Tanaka, Hisashi; Parajuli, Durga; Nakamura, Tohru; Minami, Kimitaka; Sugiyama, Yutaka; Hakuta, Yukiya; Ohkoshi, Shin-ichi; and Kawamoto,Tohru
 Journal of the American Chemical Society, 138(20), 6376-6379, 2016 (05/05/2016).

<<Related posts / 関連記事>>


[News] Award in Raspberry Pi contest / ラズパイコンテストで優秀賞!

We got the outstanding performance award in "Raspberry Pi contest for everyone", by Nikkei Linux magazine. The developed system is the Becquerel sensor for bottom sediment in pond.


開発した底質放射能測定器 / Becquerel sensor for bottom sediment

(17/01/21更新 / update on Jan. 21, 2017)
The detail of our winning work has been introduced in IT Pro by Nikkei BP.
受賞作品が日経PB社IT Proサイトで紹介されました!

日経PB IT Proサイト / IT Pro by Nikkei BP(in Japanese)


[Gallery] Demonstration of color switching system/ 色が変わる装置のデモ

Demonstration of color switching system, with electrochromic devices with Prussian blue nanoparticles. The system works only with nickel-hydrogen battery, by the wireless control from a smartphone. The color variations are realized by metal substitution of nanoparticles. If you are interested, please contact us! We need your idea for application for interior, stationery,  or something with good presentation. 



[Gallery] Micromixer synthesis of nanoparticles / ナノ粒子のマイクロミキサー合成

This is one of the synthesis methods of nanoparticles in our group. We synthesize the nanoparticles by micromixer, mixing liquids in the micrometer space, In the case of Prussian blue, nanoparticle size is less than 10 nanometer (0.00001 millimeter) . We can synthesize the Prussian blue nanoparticles at rate of 600 g/hr, (about 1 ton/year) with this system.



[Recreation] Lunch Party / 昼食会

We had a lunch party for some nice topics, Dr. Durga will leave for UC Berkeley as a visiting scholar for 1 years. Mr. Takahashi has got a Ph.D from The University of Tokyo. Dr. Supone Manakasettharn, researcher of NANOTEC Thailand, has join our group as a visiting researcher for 1 years. 


Participant of Lunch party, mainly belongs to our group /