プルシアンブルー型錯体のナノ粒子を活用した放射性Cs汚染焼却灰処理(in Japanese)


The review document for a treatment technology for radioactive-Cs contaminated ash has been released. Sorry now only in Japanese. English version will be publish elsewhere.


産業技術総合研究所 材料化学領域 ナノ材料研究部門
川本徹[*]、髙橋顕、Durga Parajuli、南公隆、田中寿




 ナノ粒子機能設計グループはナノ粒子・ナノ構造をベースに、人が扱うスケールまでを一貫して設計し、構築する「ナノシステム」による、環境・エネルギー問題の解決への貢献を目指して います。特に、プルシアンブルーをはじめとする、多孔性配位高分子の構造を制御、それぞれの用途に対して最適化することで、アンモニアや放射性セシウムの吸着剤、色変化素子などの研究開発を進めています。

1. 多孔性配位高分子のマルチスケール構造制御


Researches of npfd group

The aim of Nanoparticles Functional Design Group is to make a contribution on the solution of various environmental or energy issues with "nanosystem" established by multi-scale design and development based on the nanoparticles and nanomaterials. Our core materials are porous coordination polymers such as Prussian blue analogues and metal organic frameworks. Our R&D is proceeded for adsorbents of molecules/ions and color-switchable devices with the structural optimization for each target application.

1. Multi-scale structural optimization  of porous coordination polymers.
 The core technology of our group is design and development of the materials. Materials, components, modules, devices, and systems are designed and developed concurrently in nanometer, micro-meter, milli-meter, and also meter scale. Our final goal is to utilize the "true performance" of the materials at the scale of human being, with a connection among different scales.

Concept of the multi-scale design from atomic to human being:
In the case of Cs-decontamination technology for example. 


[News] JNST Most Popular Article Award 2016

We were awarded "JNST Most popular article award 2016" , from Atomic Energy Society in Japan.  This award indicates our paper in one of the most-read articles published on Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology in 2015. We are very grad that our research attracted many researchers!

JNST Most popular article award 2016なる賞を日本原子力学会からいただきました!この賞は、日本原子力学会の欧文誌 Journal of Nuclear Science and Technologyに2015年に掲載された論文の中で、最も読まれた論文の一つである、ということだそうです。ご注目いただいたようでうれしい限りです!


[Event]Labo-tour for Bulgarian Ambassador / 駐日ブルガリア大使の訪問

On Dec. 14, 2017, the Bulgarian Ambassador to Japan and suite visited AIST. They came to npfd group in laboratory tour. We introduced our color switchable glasse. 


Dr. Tajima and Dr. Tanaka introduce our technology to the ambassador /


[Event]Tsukuba Univ Autumn Festa / 筑波大雙峰祭

Dr. Takahashi made a presentation for odor adsorbent in Tsukuba Univ. Autumn Festa on Nov. 4. The mayor of Tsukuba city also visited our booth!



[News] Front cover of J. Mater. Chem. C / 英国王立化学会誌の表紙に!

Our paper was adopted as the front cover of Journal of Materials Chemistry C, by Royal Society of Chemistry, RSC! In the research, we realized brown-colorless color change by electricity with mixing the red and blue color-switchable materials as the preparation of the new color in paint. The illustration was prepared by the administration staff in AIST. Thank you!

当グループの論文が英国王立化学会(Royal Society of Chemistry,RSC)の学術誌、Journal of Material Chemistry Cの表紙に採用されました!この研究は、二種類の赤と青の材料を混ぜて、茶色ー透明で色の変えられるガラスを作った、という話です。窓ガラスやサングラスなどへの応用を期待しています。絵は産総研の事務の絵心のある方に描いていただきました。ありがとうございます!

Reproduced with permission from The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Related info:
Cobalt hexacyanoferrate nanoparticles for wet-processed brown–bleached electrochromic devices with hybridization of high-spin/low-spin phases,
Elghool Kholoud, Hiroshi Watanabe, Akira Takahashi, Mahmoud M. Emara,  Bashir A. Abd-El-Nabey,  Masato Kurihara, Kazuki Tajima,  Tohru Kawamoto,
Journal of Materials Chemistry C,  2017, 5, pp8921-8926 (16/07/2017)


[Events] NANOTEC-NMRI meeting / タイナノテク-産総研ナノ材料研究部門会議

NANOTEC-NMRI meeting was held on Sept. 6, before "Joint-research meeting on nanomaterials and nanocomposites" on Sept. 7. It was closed meeting to discuss for the future plan of the collaborations between Thai-NANOTEC and Nanomaterials Research Institute (NMRI), AIST. Dr. Takahashi made a presentation for our ammonia adsorbent.


Presentation by Dr. Takahashi / 高橋研究員による発表
Participants of NANOTEC(Thailand)-AIST(Japan) meeting 
/ タイNANOTEC-産総研ナノ材料研究部門会議の参加者


[Events] Thai-Japan meeting / タイ-日本会議

Related to 130th anniversary of Thailand-Japan diplomatic relations,  "Joint-research meeting on nanomaterials and nanocomposites" was held. Kawamoto GL and Dr. Takahashi attended the meeting. Kawamoto GL made a presentation about NH3 adsorbent and sensor. Dr. Takahashi introduced the techniques in our group in another meeting between NANOTEC, Thailand and AIST. 


Commemorative photo. The center is first secretary, embassy of Japan
/ 記念撮影。中央は在タイ日本大使館の上野一等書記官

Presentation by Kawamoto GL / 川本GLのプレゼンです


Demonstration for selective deodorant / 納豆をいい香りにするデモ

We demonstrated the selective deodorant shown in AIST open laboratory in 2017. From the beans with bad odor by excessive fermentation, our deodorant only remove the bad odor with keeping the good smell.